The Ginger Union: Volume 3

2015 Year in Review!

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The Jackson’s 2015– A great year!

After last year’s busy, crazy year, we were grateful to have a much more settled year for 2015 in our new place and with everything we now have on our plates. Some highlights this year have included Devin joining wrestling, moving on to do very well in his sophomore year, and continuing to be promoted in MCJROTC. He is now a sergeant! We also got a new dog this year named Chicken.

Kristi’s new position at work has been challenging, yet exciting, and Mark is still working with UGA. He has now changed his major in school to Business Management. This year has been very exciting for us as well, but we are still grateful for everything that we have been able to accomplish with the support of all of our families and friends like you! Thank you all so much for everything you have done for us. Your support, prayers, and love have genuinely meant the world to us this year.

We hope that your year has been blessed as well, and we wish you a happy new year!

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Devin Leyva-Cook

  • Sophomore at Parkview High
  • Member of MCJROTC
  • Member of the JV Wrestling Team
  • Also, Devin has a 3.0 GPA!
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Other Exciting News!

This year has brought us the addition of a new dog, an American Eskimo, named Chicken. We also still have our two cats, Kitty and Phoenix, so you can imagine how exciting our house is at any given time of day.

Devin made the decision to go out for wrestling, which means he now has practice almost every day after school for 2 1/2 hours! He is on the JV squad and has already won two matches even though this is his first interaction with the sport! We are very proud of him.

Mark, too, has been very busy with school and work. He recently changed his major, and is 53 hours into his degree! He works hard to balance all of his roles as a parent, student, worker, and husband at the same time!

Kristi is still working from home as an administrator for a cyber school, so she is loving working from her pj’s even though it is hard to shut down work at the end of the day since she’s always there.


· Mark changed his major to Business Administration.

· Devin joined the wrestling team.

· November 21st- Devin turned 17 years old!!!

· We visited FL and TN.

· We went to the bi-annual Clarksgiving Thanksgiving reunion!

· We got a new dog, to add to our 2 cat and 1 teenager home.

· We are mostly still sane around here.

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