I Want to read a Big book. I'm not sure what big books there are but i want to read 1

My Second book is a like a YouTuber book that i want to read. Also not sure want book But i will think about it.


1 Habit i want to stop is to not eat so much Junk food. I always get sick from eat so much junk food and somethings it hurts so much i'm not able to go to school and sometimes i Vomit.


1 Goal i want to reach is have the best and funnest year. These past year have been bad. I want my family and I to just relax from the bad tears and the mad faces.

Helping The Community

6 ways i want to help the community

1. Clean up when i see trash on the ground.

2. Be Nice and Kind to everyone.

3. Help People when they seem hurt.

4.Help my mom clean the house.

5. Help my mom get money

6. Help people when they need help.