Charmed Impressions

So Long 2015... Welcome 2016!!

Saying Goodbye to 2015!

A belated Happy New Year to all of you fabulous Charmed Impressions!

I hope that you all enjoyed your holidays after a busy (and profitable) selling season! I shut my office door and didn't think too much about work for about 10 days. I focused on my family, spending time doing puzzles, watching movies together and catching up on that pile of books on my bedside table. It wasn't until the day before the start of Dot Dollar Redemption that I turned my focus back to work. (Side note.... how lucky are we that for those of us who do this full time, we can do this? Not many businesses shut down for almost 2 weeks during the holidays!!)

Now that Dot Dollar Day are long over, and the new Spring Collection has launched, I have been hyper focused on my personal business. This started with a two day bridal show with my friend and "pacing partner" Debbie Brosan the first weekend of January. While this show was expensive, together we refreshed our contact lists with more than a hundred brides each!! So now you know why I have been unusually quiet thus far in January! I have spent the last week following up with brides and booking trunk shows into March. Now these shows may not be huge, but they will in turn introduce me to dozens of new contacts and I have booked more than enough shows to cover my costs! Spending the $$ on this event was a strategic investment in my business. Events like this can be a risk, and are never sales events, but rather they are all about building your contact list. So check your area for Bridal or other events. Split the cost with another stylist if it's pricey.

Enough about me... Let's review a few things about 2015 before we move on to 2016. I couldn't be more proud of our team.

  • Over $245,000 in team sales for the year!
  • We welcomed 12 new teammates!
  • We had 4 promotions in 2015!
  • We had our highest number of trunk shows (with orders) ever in November!
  • 13 Stylists earned their $500 for $99 coupon in the 4th Quarter which is a team record!
  • 6 Stylists earned the new $200 for $69 Style Fix in the 4th Quarter!

I can't wait to see what the new year brings for each of us in our businesses! I have a feeling it's going to be big! But before we move on from 2015, we have some December recognition to cheer about...


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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." - Melody Beattie

As we kick off 2016, take a moment and reflect....

WHY did you decide to become a Stella & Dot Stylist?

Go back and remember WHY you decided to launch your own business.

  • Was it to have something of your own?
  • That feeling of independence and accomplishment in being your own boss?
  • Just to get out a couple of nights a month to hang out with women & meet new people?
  • Supplement your current income?
  • Do something that you could work around your family?
  • Because you just LOVED the jewelry?

Has your WHY changed since you started? Maybe it has... maybe it hasn't. Try and remember that WHY. Then... think of your WHAT? Something tangible that you want your business to bring you.

  • Money to re-decorate/or decorate a space in your home.
  • To pay for the family vacation in April.
  • To cover your child's dance/karate/art/piano lessons.
  • To save for a down payment on your first home.
  • To pay for your honeymoon.

Once you have reacquainted yourself with your WHY, and identified your WHAT, think about what you need to achieve that WHAT. How will you get there. Break it down by Quarter and then by month. Do you need $1000 in income this month? That translates into about 4 trunk shows. Or 3 shows and 10 outside orders. Do you just want to make $500 to $600 this month? That's 2 shows and some outside orders. Set that as your goal for the month! Remember that you can also increase your monthly income by growing your team and earning coaching commissions.

Declare your Goals and earn a Latte!!
Since I didn't run the First 5 to $500 by the 5th this month (due to Dot Dollars), here's everyone's chance to earn a Latte on me. Print out the blank "certificate" below or get your own blank piece of paper. Then, on the front, write down your WHAT for this Quarter. On the back, break it down into monthly pieces like in my examples above. Take a picture of yourself holding your WHAT and post it on our team Facebook Page (or email it to me if you aren't on FB). Then, text me a picture of the back with how you are going to get there. 617-650-4204 Everyone who does this will get a Starbucks Card to treat you to your favorite Latte on me.

Get Weekly Coaching from Me to Get you There!
I am going to be putting together weekly one-to-one coaching calls for anyone who is interested in setting up a regular schedule. Email me with your best days and time frames and we can get something on our books. Together we will brainstorm to help you achieve your WHAT!

Let's make this YOUR, and OUR, best year yet!

Print this to Share Your WHAT!

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And Don't Forget... Sell $1500 from 1/7 - 1/31 Earn....

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Heather Stephens - Star Stylist & Mentor

I'm here to help you reach your personal goals, so reach out to me for any questions you might have! If you want to set up a weekly check-in & coaching call, let me know! We can work together to help you take your business to the next level!!