my poems

i am reading

I am reading a book

I see pictures in my head

I hear the words in my head

I love mystery books

I fear of scary stories

I hate when people disturb me

I remember reading many books

I believe reading books is like learning

I am a book

by Katherine Allin

I am poem -metaphor line 9

my phone

A phone

A new phone as dark as a room with no light ,black and round

Lost in a closet

A phone to call family on

A phone to text friends

Something to have fun with

By Katherine Allin

See what I found -line 2 simile

jazz my dog


Jumped on my bed and gave me a hug

In my room

On Christmas eve at 6:00 at night

Because I was warm and she was cold

By Katherine Allin

5w poem-line 2 personification

Katherine Allin


It means confident, friendly, and strong

It is 1

It is like a cooks apron

It is hahahaing while playing tag

It is the memory of brandy

Who taught me to be honest and kind

When she was honest and kind to me and her parents

My name is Katherine

It means working hard

By Katherine

Name poem-line 5 onomatopoeia


Kind all the time

An active person

Talented at reading 40 books at a time

Independent almost all the time

Excellent at judo

by Katherine Allin

acrostic poem-line 3 hyperbole

my bio


Active, caring, friendly, and smart

Daughter of Kimberly and Wes

Who likes to play on a computer, play in a pool, and who likes to watch TV

Who feels happy, hopeful, and humorous

Who needs a new phone, more homework from math, and who needs more time to play

Who gives laughter, joyness, and helpful

Who fears of losing family, having no books to read, and friends

Who would like to see more friend, more family, and who would like to see my old dog


Residents of Justin Texas


by Katherine Allin

bio poem-line 5 alliteration