Mathematics Newsletter

Hammond Middle School - Volume 1

Vikings Mathematics Corner

Thank you to all the parents who attended and participated in our Hammond Middle School Parent Night, sponsored by William Barnes and the Secondary Mathematics Department.

Please send any additional questions you may have via email.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that were discussed and answered during both sessions.

HCPSS Resources

HCPSS Secondary Mathematics Website

The Howard County Public School System's mathematics program is built upon the Maryland State Curriculum and Common Core State Standards for mathematics. The HCPSS Elementary and Secondary Mathematics website shares information for parents, students and the mathematics community:

  1. Welcome and Overview

  2. Common Core State Standards
  3. Maryland's Common Core State Curriculum Frameworks and Assessment
  4. HCPSS Common Core State Curriculum Mathematics Transition Plan
  5. Common Core Resources for Families and Community Stakeholders
  6. Mathematics Course Offerings and Sequence (2013-2014)
  7. Elementary and Secondary Mathematics Essential Curriculum
  8. Mathematics Advisory Committee (MAC)

HCPSS Secondary Mathematics Wikispace

The Howard County Public School System's Secondary Mathematics Wikispace houses resource materials for middle and high school courses. The wikispace is a open source for curricular resources that are constantly updated and revised.

Middle School Courses

Grade 6

  • MSMI
  • GT PreAlgebra
  • Math Seminar Course

Grade 7

  • PreAlgebra
  • GT Algebra I
  • Math Seminar Course

Grade 8

  • PreAlgebra
  • Algebra I
  • GT Geometry
  • Math Seminar Course

MSDE Parent Resources