Future Fair

Anna, Jeremie, Jacob

  • Location: Kinshasha, Congo
  • Currency: Congolese Franc
  • Exchange rate: 925 = US $1
  • Unemployment Rate: 53%


Service: Job Fair

Website for donations: gofundme.com

  • With a 50 person maximum, everyone gets a job as long as they pay 50 cent entry fee
  • The 1st 2 months are supported with the funds from gofundme.com
  • After 2 months of work, families are required to pay $25 back, if not the money will be drawn from their pay checks


Monthly Sales: 2,250

Monthly Operating Costs: 1,175

Monthly Profit: 1,075

Profit For 3 Months: 3,225

  • Our profits will be evenly distributed for family/personal use, to buy tools and equipment, and to put in savings
  • Our business provides mostly services
  • With the $50 grant, we will use the money to expand our existing business
  • However,this is not our mane source of money nor are we a family business
  • 50 people will be employed, with 5 female and 15 males

Long Term Goals

Our main goal is to reach out and help other families, and from there alter the cycle of poverty

With our buisiness, we can help provide jobs for families in need