Dachu camp

Facts about Dachu camp

  • Name: Dachu camp
  • Location: Upper Bavaria, Southern Germany
  • How many died: 31,951
  • Number of inmates : Over 188,00
  • Built in : 1933-1945
  • Purpose of camp: Intended to hold political prisoners


Jack Repp lives in Dallas who was a prisoner at the Dachau concentration camp.

He was a 15-year old school till September 1,1939 when the Germans invaded.

He was separated from his family to be in slave labor.

Intresting facts

  • The very first Nazi concentration camp, opened in 1933 shortly after Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany
  • 206,206 prisoners, and deaths of 31,951

Why is it important to study?

The Holocaust is important to study because, we can learn from our history mistakes and the challenges people went through.It is important that people remember the members of survivors in order to understand how a government and people in power manipulated entire countries through propaganda and fear.