Daedalus Remote Control Airplanes!

By: Macen Sims and Mark Zelk

Take to the skies in the new Daedalus Remote Control Airplanes! They are engineered for precision flying and control by the Great Daedalus himself! You can finally achieve your dreams and soar just like Daedalus!
Daedalus is the perfect mentor for our product! He is a very well known and a trusted inventor and engineer. He has made flying machines such as wings for Icarus and himself before. He has even carried out requests given to him by KINGS and makes top notch inventions! Such as the great Labyrinth itself! Daedalus has now given you the chance to buy these incredibly designed aircrafts for you to soar the skies with him! But you MUST listen to careful instructions Daedalus gives you! Or it can end in a tragedy! We all know what happenned to Icarus! We want you to soar safely and to have as much fun as possible!

- Daedalus' Team

Different styles!

*Buy one of our professional airplanes and you can get a second one for half off!