deciding on a university

ally turner

programs of interest

an english or liberal arts degree at the following schools:

- university of kings college

- university of toronto

- bishop's university

- dalhousie university

- st. francis xavier university


school size

preferably a small school because i like the tight-knit feel in a small community. i want to be able to connect with my teachers and know many of my classmates. i do not want to simply be a number. i ranked the schools based on the size of their undergraduate class. my ideal undergrad class size is 2,000 students, so first, i found the differences between the class size and my ideal school, and then from that ranked the schools 5-1, 5 being the closest to my ideal size, 1 being the most different.

nice city

i don't want to be confined to my university campus. i like exploring new places, especially cities that have culture to absorb and get to know. the location of my university is very important to me as this is the place i will be living alone for the first time, and i want to really enjoy it. based on my raw data, i ranked each city based on how much i'd like to live there, 5 being my favourite city and 1 being my least favourite.

minimum entry grade

i want to be sure i can get into these programs, so this is an important factor for me. i need to be realistic with my applications. based on my average in grade eleven, i compared the minimums with my average to ensure it is a reasonable place to apply. i used this formula:

let r be the university's rank

let x be the minumum entry grade

r = 20 - |84 - x|

parental preference

i want my parents to feel comfortable with where i go to school, because as i am an only child, i want them to feel at ease with me living in a new place. i let them rank this list of schools based on the programs, the distance from home, and how happy the think i'd be there. the ordered them with 5 being their favourite school and 1 being the least favourite.

distance from home

after attending hts for 12 years, i am excited for a change of schools. i want to start new and challenge myself in a new environment. this will push me to really get out of my comfort zone and become more independent. the ideal distance from home for me is 1000 kilometers. i used this formula to calculate which schools are most ideal:

let r be the university's rank

let x be the distance from home

r = |1000 - x|/10

average entry grade

this is the most important factor for my decision. i want to make sure i can succeed in the program i pursue, and can keep up with the competition. i want to avoid averages a lot higher than my grade 11 average (84%) because it would be unrealistic for me to expect to compete with such competition. i also want to avoid a school with a very low average because i want to challenge myself in my post-secondary education. i used this formula to score the averages:

let r be the university's rank

let x be the average entry grade

r = 5 - |84 - x|

raw data

Big image

multiplication matrix

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according to the results, university of king's college is the best fit for me. this has been my top choice school for almost two years now, so it is reassuring to know it is the best fit for me. this school has almost everything i am looking for. the second school is st fx, and followed by dalhousie. these schools are in the right location, but in my opinion dalhousie is too big for me and st fx is in too small of a town. my second choice school is university of toronto, st george campus, and i was surprised to see it as such a low score. using the matrices in this fashion was a fun way to make sure i am choosing the right university for me.


  • maclean's university guidebook
  • the websites for all of the universities
  • "for grads only" hand book
  • google maps
  • my parents