All About Me

By: Briana Bordier

I love to sing.

Every time I get board I start to sing. I always have fun singing. I like to sing about goofy things.

I love to dance.

Whenever my heart feels like I need to dance I start to dance around the house. Sometimes I take my lap top outside and I dance to music. When I go to my Friend Nikki's we dance.

I have 2 cats.

I have two black cats, a mom and a daughter. There names are Midnight and Willow. Willow is a runt so she is small. They are very cuddly and they always make me happy.

I am very artistic.

I love to draw randomly, by looking in my head and draw what I see. I also like to paint, I painted 2 pictures for my mom and step mom for mothers day. i regularly draw and color so that would be my favorite

i like to write books

I like to come up with stories in my head, and after I do that I make it long and write a book about it. I am currently writing "Willow and Me", "Wolves", and "The Wolf Inside of Me". I love writing about random things and sometimes my books are based off of my dreams.