Jordan Tech Thursdays

Tech News for the week of Thursday, December 13, 2012

Google's Zeitgeist 2012

Yesterday, Google released their Zeitgeist 2012. The site allows us to explore the terms that were more frequently searched for in 2012. You can explore Zeitgeist 2012 by location, time, and term. The video featured on the site provides a good year-in-review of some of the biggest events of the year as well as some of the famous people that passed away this year. Watch the video below.
Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

New Image Commenting Option in Google Docs

Now any image that you have saved in your Google Drive account can have comments tied to it just like in a document. To comment on a specific part of an image select the "insert comment" option from the top menu, highlight a section of your image, then type your comment in the comment box.

This new image commenting option could be useful for having students identify and label parts of an image or chart. Share the image just like you would share a document and invite your students to comment together.

Or, have students upload their own art and you can provide comments as well.

Unused Words

Unused Words is on a mission to expose people to words that they probably don't hear on a regular basis if at all. Every day Unused Words serves up a new word that doesn't get used by most people. Each word is accompanied by an image, a definition, and a pronunciation guide.
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