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Weekly Info About Our Year Long Art Class - Week 16

Hello Again! Here's what's been going on in Art Class and what's coming up this week:

We spent all of last week taking a breath and catching up on those missing assignments. I'd love to say that everybody is 100% up to date but we still have a couple people dragging their feet. The end of the 2nd Grading Period is coming up right after Winter Break so it is vital that all work from Modules 5-8 be completed no later than January 8th by midnight. I will be submitting grades for that quarter the following day. I will also add up any extra credit that students have accumulated into that quarter.
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Module 8 and Winter Break

Please note that the official working time for Module 8 is extended with Winter Break. We officially start working on it Monday, December 7th, and have the following two weeks to work on it. Like usual, we will have daily announcements full of instruction to pair with your Module 8 assignments. Our Live Class for this module will be a video posted Wednesday but we will not meet for our regular scheduled time.

Winter Break officially starts December 19 and ends January 3 for NCVPS. During that time there will be no additional information added to our course. If you are all caught up with your work, I suggest taking the time to rest and enjoy family. If you are struggling and behind on things, why not catch yourself up? All work, including Module 8 will be due no later than midnight on 1/8/16.
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Supplies for Module 8

As we are using more traditional materials, students will need to have access to their

  • sketchbook (or unlined drawing paper at least 9" x 12")
  • Access to magazines or photographs.
  • Paper to draw and/or paint on for the Thiebaud Composition Assignment.
  • paint - any type - acrylic, spray paint, watercolor, etc. Does not matter what kind this module.
  • OPTIONAL: GIMP free photo manipulation software for extra credit assignment.
  • Markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, and/or paint. Student choice of traditional media.
  • digital camera (or phone, tablet, or iPod with camera) (webcam if you're really desperate but they're not ideal)

If for any reason you are having trouble gathering these materials for class, please contact BOTH me and your ELA at your school. We both want you to have access to everything you need to be successful in this class.

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