Week at a Glance

"O" Week- June 8 to June 10

Finishing Strong!!!

June 8-

8:00 Final 4th Quarter Grades in Skyward

8:45 A.M. Primary Awards Assembly, in the Gym

11:00 Student Council/Patrol Picnic

12:00 Schoolwide Training for K-2, in Rm. 15 with Liz

3:00-3:30 Staff meeting-Certified staff, in the LRC

June 9-

8:45 A.M. Intermediate Awards Assembly, in the Gym

June 10-

First Grade at Echo Park

AR Ice Cream served at lunch times

Report cards go home in backpacks

Last Day of School

Celebration with Theresa at Nonnie's, starting at 4:00 P.M.!

June 11-

11:00 Kelly's Baby Shower, at Rachel's House!

Another fantastic musical program by our students! Thank you Robyn for all you do to help our students shine!

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Three Formative Assessments Thursday!

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If you would like to try any of these with your students, please let me know. I'll send the templates to you!

Sincere thank you for Denise...

We are so grateful to celebrate together with Denise today, and many thanks to her for her care and dedication to Edgewood students, families and staff. Thank you, Denise, for the wonderful lunch!!

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Another warm welcome (back) to Edgewood!

We now know who Lesley's teaching partner will be in the 2015-2016 school year... Welcome back to Melody! Melody taught first grade at Meadowview this school year, and has been assigned to come back to Edgewood next year. :)

Upcoming Things to Note...

Teachers- I will be giving you a hard-copy end-of-year checklist to run through before the last day.

Before everyone takes off for a well-deserved summer break...some additional housekeeping notes.

Please turn into the main office all walkie-talkies and keys.

Please empty the refrigerators in the Lounge.

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