Jefferson Davis

by: Jackson Bewley

Who is Jefferson Davis?

  • President of Confederacy
  • Congressman
  • War Hero


Jefferson Davis was a Mexican American War hero, President of the Confederacy, and senator. During the Mexican American War he served as a colonel. While serving in congress he spread the idea of slavery and debated against the Compromise of 1850. During the Civil War he served as the President of the Confederate States of the south. After the war he was imprisoned in Fort monroe, Virginia

Early Life

Jefferson Finis Davis was born June 3, 1808, in Christian County, Kentucky. At age three his family settled on a plantation called Rosemont at Woodville, Mississippi. When he was 13 he entered Transylvania College, Lexington, Kentucky. When Davis graduated college he spent four years at the United States Military Academy at West Point.
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"I worked night and day for twelve years to prevent the war, but I could not. The North was mad and blind, would not let us govern ourselves, and so the war came." - Jefferson Davis

US Government

In 1845 Davis was elected Senator of Mississippi. While serving in the Senate he spread the idea of slavery. In 1846 he resigned congress to join the Mexican American War. After the war Davis was appointed as Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee and he became the governor of Mississippi. In 1850 when the Compromise was proposed to congress, Davis was against California becoming a free state. This caused him to resign his position later that year.

Here are some connections between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Both of them served as presidents during the American Civil War. During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln was the President of the Union and Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy. Both of these presidents debated on the idea of slavery. Jefferson Davis believed in slavery and that the south be a free country. Abraham Lincoln believed in the abolishment of slavery. Also Both of them were born in Kentucky. In conclusion Davis and Lincoln were both strong leaders.

Jefferson Davis - Mini Biogrpahy

Mexican American War

Davis raised a volunteer regiment called the Mississippi Rifles. He later became the colonel of this group. On July 21, they sailed from New Orleans to the Texas coast. After the war he was severely injured.

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Civil War

On February 9th, 1862 at the Constitutional Convention in Montgomery, Alabama Davis was appointed as President of the Confederate States of America. Davis had a six year term, but he never completed his term. One of his main priorities was to send a peace treaty to Abraham Lincoln. This treaty declared that southern states be free from the north. Although Davis was weak with politics he was a strong general. In the early years of the Confederation they had no navy, no powermills, and no railway systems. Davis had many strengths while commanding the Confederacy. He was accompanied by General Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. General Lee helped take over areas in the north. One of Davis's most significant wins was at Bull Run, Virginia in 1861. On April 3, 1865, Ulysses S. Grant commanded his Union troops to invade Richmond the capital of the south. Davis decided to fled to North Carolina. On April 9th, 1865 the Confederacy surrendered to the north. On May 10, he was captured in Georgia. He was imprisoned in Fort Monroe, Virginia, but he was never tried. Davis was put iron legs and later released in May of 1867.
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After the Civil War

After the Civil War life was dull for Davis, he suffered mental and physical problems. He worked for a insurance company in Tennessee. The company unfortunately went bankrupt. Davis died December 6, 1889 at the age of 81 in New Orleans.
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