Mrs. O

Parent Connections

What is that code on my child's work?

If you are wondering if your child received accommodations or assistance on an assignment, look for the codes at the top right of the page! Here is a list of the common codes used to let you know what type of assistance was determined needed.

RT- completed with the Resource Teacher

RR- completed in the Resource Room

DR- Dictated Responses

ET- Extended Time

XChart- multiplication chart used

PBS- Positive Behavioral strategies used to increase motivation and confidence

any other assistance will be written on the assignment.

Test/Quiz Accommodations

For tests and quizzes where accommodations were determined needed you will see a form with your child's specific accommodation list attached to the test/quiz. This form will show the dates, times and locations of the test/quiz. The accommodation list will be below and the accommodations needed will be checked.

Who is Mrs. O?

Mrs. Orndorff! I am the new Inclusion Teacher at Horizon Elementary School! I have worked in public Special Education for ten years. This is my first experience in Alabama, having worked in Virginia and Maryland. I am married with 2 young children. I enjoy relaxing with my family, exploring new areas, and introducing my children to areas such as the zoo, museums, sports, music and drama shows. Our family just enjoyed Columbia Elementary School's performance of The Wizard of Oz! We saw a few Horizon students there, too. What gives me the most enjoyment at work is seeing a student be successful and enjoy learning. I am honored to be working at Horizon with such amazing students, dedicated school staff and collaborative parents.

Increasing Motivation...Being Successful

For some students who struggle to complete work, complete work well, and/or whom just need a little recognition of their extra hard work and persistence, I use positive behavioral strategies. If your child uses these types of strategies in school, you can help by providing a few items in the following categories. The items will be kept safe at school and will only be provided to your child when they meet certain short and long-range goals. The categories of items you can provide are : Edible treats (small snacks, candies, etc). These should be very small. If you send in a bag of favorite candy such as M and M's, I can divide those into small portions. Tangible/touchable items: You can send in small, inexpensive items that your child would find enjoyable/worth working for such as stickers, trading cards, themed school supplies, and other little surprises such as party favors. The final category of items you can send in are Activity items. You can send in the materials for something your child enjoys doing such as a reading a favorite book, building blocks, coloring books, comic books, etc. It is most helpful if the items you send can fit into a shoebox. Your child can choose from their own 3 shoeboxes when they meet the goal set for them. If you have questions or concerns about this, please let me know! So far, this strategy is working well for many students-increasing motivation and persistence and, ultimately, leading to higher marks on assignments, tests and quizzes!