Sample Sale Ideas

December 2015

Do you have retired or discontinued pieces in your collection?

How about collections that have been top sellers but you no longer wish to have as a part of your display? Pieces from the starter kit you prefer not to showcase but would rather invest in something else?

A sample sale is the perfect way to revamp your personal collection and display of your pieces while giving your VIPs, current clients, and network a way to grab some Chloe and Isabel jewels at a discounted (30%-50% typically) rate!

You discount so much because they were samples, not brand new, tried on, and worn. I typically state that they are final sale in my sample sales when I discount them so that there is full knowledge that lifetime replacement guarantee will not apply. I do however, let all of my clients know that if something happens, I will be there to help as much as I can and that if I cannot assist, I will offer a $25 coupon code (off of $75 - by opening them up a pop-up).

With Sample sales, they will NOT order through your online boutique, so you need to be clear on how you will be invoicing/accepting money.

For in person sample sales , cash and check will obviously work, but you may also want a card reader (debit/credit) and I find that the Square and also PayPal are great. They do take a small percentage (usually around 3%) as a fee for use, but definitely convenient.

For online sample sales, you will need to be able to invoice your clients and I personally love PayPal for this along with Square (both are linked above) and are FREE to use the system outside of paying the fees associated with it. Just calculate that extra 1 into your price!

The great thing with Paypal, is you can ship directly from your paid invoice! Grab some of your FREE shipping supples at USPS. Get these Padded Flat Rate Envelopes (get extra to use as bubble wrap too, hint hint) and also some Small Flat Rate Boxes, and also Regional Rate A Boxes.

For online sales, I recommend you create a facebook event and invite your friends. PRIVATE MESSAGE Those that don't see the invitation and DO NOT invite your whole friends list. Invite previous clients first to make it exclusive, then open to the public! Let them know that the sale is first come, first serve and that you will post a link to your "group" create for shopping on a certain day and a certain time. This way, they will all know it is first come first serve and that they NEED to be at the computer at a certain time. (IMPORTANT: Think of your network, yourself - what time would work best for MOST of them?)

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To Sample Sale or NOT to Sample Sale.... VERY IMPORTANT!

Ok, so our jewelry collection is precious! It is our tool for selling. It is our pride and joy as a merchandiser and we LOVE having such a great jewelry box.... so should you actually have a sample sale or not?

When you SHOULD have a sample sale.

* You have 15-30 sample pieces that you would like to change out of your display.

* You have more retired/older collections than current core or everyday pieces.

* You are going INACTIVE by not having any sales in the last 6 months (a MINOR $100 in sales is required within a 6 month period). So sell some of your older outdated pieces (if you haven't had sales in 6 months - I'm almost positive you have some older pieces) and then REINVEST in your business by placing a $100+ order under your personal boutique account.

* You are transitioning from mostly in home events to mainly online events.... You will not need as large of a collection for online pop-ups, however you wlll want to invest in SOMETHING each collection to showcase online for your events!

When you SHOULD NOT have a sample sale.

* All you have is the starter kit.

* You JUST started as a merchandiser

* You have LESS than 10 retired/sample pieces.

* You have pop-ups scheduled online or in person. You do not want to take sales from your hosts and pop-ups by offering the discounted jewelry first. The current friends and family sale at 25% off is the BEST!

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What can I do to BOOST sales if I do not have enough jewelry to sample sell?

You could do something like what Ashley and I did in a joined effort on our Chloe and Isabel VIP group last month. We pooled some of our retired/exclusive pieces and raffled them off to all that placed $100+ in sales! Plus, having at the $100 level gave them FREE shipping AND allowed us to upsell to the $125 price for the FREE GIFT holiday promotion with Chloe and Isabel!