Dwarf Planets

Dede Zweifel

What is it?

A dwarf planet is smaller than a planet, but larger than a meteor. It orbits the sun, not another planet, so it's not a moon. For it to be considered a planet it has to be nearly round in shape otherwise it's a dwarf planet. Lastly, it doesn't have enough gravitational pull or push to sweep or scatter objects near their orbits.


A dwarf planet is like all other planets. It is made from the same things as other planets. So what makes a dwarf planet a dwarf? It doesn't have a strong enough gravitational muscle to push things away from it.


Why Pluto?

Eris and Pluto

Pluto and Eris are past the Kuiper Belt, and they ended up saying they were dwarf planets. They were unable to meet the requirements of a planet. To be a planet, it must

-Rotate the sun

-Must be nearly round in shape

-Clear away objects and be the only object in its orbit

Pluto and Eris did not follow the last rule, so they became a dwarf planet.

So, what does that mean?

Why Pluto is Not a Planet

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