Introduction to I.T.

11/9 - 11/13

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Monday 11/9

Finish 2nd draft of resume
Assignment details listed in modules under Lesson 2 "Resume Writing 2nd Draft"

Tuesday 11/10

Do Now: Practice & save all work on GoogleDrive account
Lesson: Cornell Notes Lesson
HW: Review Cornell Notes on Lesson 2 and use strategies of repetition in reviewing notes

Wednesday 11/11

Do Now: Pop Quiz on Modern Web Technologies section in Lesson 2
Lesson: Read Social Networking and compare/contrast various social networking sites

Thursday 11/12

Do Now: Practice
Lesson: Compare/Contrast Social Networking sites (cont'd)
Independent Work: Read 2-16 to 2-35 and take cornell notes

Friday 11/13

Do Now:
Period 1 & 2 -
Take the Lesson 2 Course Mastery - Use your notes! -
Only take it once and log the date you took it on this sheet!

Chart your progress on the lesson 2 learning scale! Share your responses on Canvas! Read the directions.


Complete your notes! You should be working on pages 2-16 to 2-35. (It seems like a lot of pages but there are a lot of labs we will be working on next week.)

All notes are due completed when you come into class on Monday. Please make sure they are processed in Cornell Note Format.

Independent Work:

You must turn in your corrected quiz from Thursday if you want me to adjust your grade. Turn it in to the slot for your period in the back of the room by Printer 1.

Have a great weekend :-)

I missed you all - yes you too Josh V and Antonio :-)