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Onward: Equipping Missionaries through Pastoral Care

A New Venture

It was Friday, April 8th, at 10:30 AM, and we had a Skype appointment (interview) with the leaders of Missionary Care in Kandern, Germany. The more we spoke, the more we became giddy at this new possibility . We love pastoring, and we love missions. We are passionate about healthy leadership-- and this was an opportunity of a lifetime for us: to pastor missionaries!

As we look back, we see God preparing us "for such a time as this": this position requires three years of previous missions experience, which is exactly the term we served in Spain (before we had kids)... and both the good and painful experiences we've had over the last thirteen years of pastoring in the USA give us a much deeper understanding and ability to minister to others.

Ministry, both in the US and overseas, is tough work. The fact is, most people in ministry don't last long. And for those who do "survive," few of them thrive. This reality has led to a recent surge in "member care," with missions taking a much more active role in providing shepherding and support for their staff on the field. Our new ministry, which intersects well with our passion, will be to equip missionaries to thrive by providing pastoral care and training.

We can't do it alone! :)

We are partnering with TeachBeyond, which has more than 170 adult missionaries in Kandern, Germany. We want to help the individual missionary know they're not alone: to walk alongside them, help them cultivate relationships, including with God! We want to help the missionary couple whose marriage is struggling: to counsel, to connect them with others, and if necessary, to intervene. We are not their savior, but we want to come alongside them that we might all walk with Christ more deeply.

We cannot go, nor thrive ourselves, alone. We are asking people like you to partner with us both in prayer and in finances. In order to serve overseas, we need to raise all of our living expenses. Would you partner with us in prayer and monthly support? If so, visit our giving page! It's very easy to use, and will help walk you through the process:

We hope to depart for Germany on August 17th!

This is a big transition for our family! Our ambitious goal is to arrive in August so our kids can start the school year there. We believe this to be a wise step towards helping them transition well. Please join us in asking God to raise up ministry partners! Onward!