Belief systems and religions


Hinduism is a dominant religion or way of life in India. Hinduism was discovered by the Arayans and was a polytheistic religion. The Vedas, the holy book of the religion, was known as the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. Hindu's believed in reincarnation, the rebirth of the soul, karma, the saying what goes around comes around, and Dharma which was the set of rules that were followed. The final resting place of Hinduism is called moksha, a heaven. Hindu's practiced a system named the caste system. The caste system divides people up according to their past lives and how they acted.

How Hinduism affects the daily lives of its followers

The people who follow Hinduism are affected everyday. They have to follow the Caste system which allows Hindus to be separated into a class that is based on your past lives. This affects their lives on how people look at them. For example, if you are on the lowest class, the untouchables, then people will look at you poorly. People will know that you have made mistakes in the past and you will be frowned upon.


Buddhism is a nontheistic religion that encompasses a variety of beliefs and spiritual practices. This religion was based from the teachings of the Buddha who was named Siddhartha Guatama. The Buddhists holy books included the Pali Canon, the Mahayana Sutras and the Tibetan book of the dead. Buddhism originated in India and spread through Asia. Buddhists believed in Enlightment which allowed people to achieve eternal salvation. They practiced the Eight Fold Path which helped ones end of suffering. When one dies, their soul will be sent to the final resting place, Moksha.
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How Buddhism affects the daily life of its followers

Buddhism affects Buddhists daily life because it is told to end suffering. The eight fold path is the guide to help end suffering and if you follow it, then you will have a happy and good life.


Confucianism is a religion of ethical sociopolitical teachings. This religion was founded by Confucius, the writer of The Analects. This religion started in China and spread all through the country and their neighbor countries like Vietnam, Korea and Japan. People who followed Confucianism practiced Taoism which teaches that nature has a "way" in which it moves. They believed in filial piety, having respect for elders and parents, and also the five relationships. The five relationships include 1) father to son 2) elder brother to younger brother 3) husband to wife 4) ruler to subject 5) friend to friend. The Confucius holy books included the book of rites, namely, the great learning, the doctrine of the mean.
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How Confucianism affected the daily life of its followers

Confucianism affects the daily life of their followers because it shows everyone how kind someone can be. Confucianists have to have respect for elders and parents due to filial piety. Also, it affected their life because they would try to show respect and kindness because of legalism. If they showed kindness, they would get a reward of some sort but if they were not, then they would be punished.


Judaism was a monotheistic religion that originated in Israel. Their holy book was called the Torah, which supplemented traditions and was filled with sacred writings. This religion was found by Abraham. They practiced the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments were laws given by God to Moses and then shared with the people who left Egypt. They believed that God told Abraham to kill his son so that Abraham will have more power. Abraham brought his son up to a mountain and was about to kill his son until the last second, God stopped him and knew that he can trust Abraham. After a Judaism follower dies, they will then go to heaven, their final resting place.
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How Judaism affected the daily life of its followers

Judaism affected their followers life because they want to gain trust. Just like Abraham, the Judaism followers will want to make and agreement with God and gain his trust. They live their life trying to succeed in getting trust and power.


Christianity is a monotheistic religion that originated in Judea, or Nazareth. This religion was founded by Jesus whom was believed to be the messiah of the Old Testament. Christianity spread throughout Rome and later spread throughout the world. People who believed and followed Christianity practices praying to God. They also read the bible and they have to celebrate religious holidays like Christmas and Easter. Christians believed that Jesus was the savior. Another belief was that Christians had to treat each other how they wanted to be treated. If they treated people unkindly and if they went against the bible and the Ten Commandments (commands similar to laws), they will be sent to hell after death which one one of the 2 resting places. The other resting place is heaven, where people who were very religious and followed the bible went.
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How Christianity affected the daily life of its followers

Christianity affected the life of its followers because it has different rules to follow than their country. For example, in the bible it claims that man should not be with another man but it is legal now in the United States to marry the same gender. Also, it affects their behaivor because in order to go to the good resting place, heaven they will have to have good behaivor throughout their lifetime.


Islam is a monotheistic religion that originated in Mecca. This religion was founded by Mohammed and their holy book was the Qu'ran. Islam started in 610. Muslims believed that there is only one God and after their death, they will either go to a paradise, like heaven or they go to hell if they don't follow their code of conduct. For practices, Muslims prayed towards the southeast because it is facing Mecca, where it originated. Also, they practiced the 5 pillars. In the 5 pillars, they had to fast during Ramadan, pray 5 times a day, share their wealth with the less fortunate, make the pilgrimage to Mecca, and believe in one God.

How Islam affects the life of its daily followers

The Islamic belief affects all of the believers life. Each day, Muslims get much hate from non- believers. Also, having to pray 5 times a day affects their life because they have to wake up very early and take time from their day to do so. Finally, it affects their life because they aren't allowed to eat certain substances. For example, pork is a major one they can't eat. Many people around the worl eat pork wether it's for breakfast, on pizza, ect. But they can't.