Remembering 9/11

(How the media remembers it, anyway)

Opposing viewpoints

As we all know, different media outlets have different political views. So they will obviously be biased toward those views. After 9/11 the news was torn between how we should handle the situation. Should we go to all- out war? Should we just rebuild and hope nothing else happens? There were rumors of a draft, nuclear weapons scares, etc. But, The whole Middle-East situation is too long and complex to explain in this article.

Left wing news

A heavy Bias

Most popular news channels are left-wing. This includes ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN, to name a few. As the events unfolded, the american public was exposed to a heavy left-wing bias. Even as time went on, people who identify as right wing were manipulated by the media to develop a left-wing view, causing many people to be anti-war, but many others to see no other option.