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April 12, 2021

The Pershing Elementary Newsletter

Principal Message

Hello Pershing Families,

I hope this email finds all students and families doing as well as can be hoped. The weather this past weekend was beautiful, so hopefully many were able to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine. It was great to see so many of our students in Cohort A arriving at school this morning!

The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. As you are aware, we have put in place several strategies to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 spread including the use of face coverings, enhanced cleaning of common touchpoints, encouraging frequent hand washing, attempting to maintain physical distance between individuals and minimizing the number of students or staff members who interact with each other. While these efforts greatly reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19 they cannot eliminate the possibility.

It is important that we each continue to monitor for symptoms of illness. Students and staff should not come to school or go to work if exhibiting any symptoms and should report being ill to the school. This is also an opportunity to remind each other of the importance of frequent hand washing, covering sneezes and coughs, wearing a face covering and maintaining as much distance between individuals as possible.

As allergies appear to be very bad this year due to increased pollen, we are having an increase in COVID similar symptoms in students at school. Please consider working with health care providers if your child is one who typically has allergy symptoms by addressing it proactively to document any known health conditions. As a reminder, we use the COVID-19 Symptom Decision Tree to respond to symptoms observed at school. Thank you to everyone for actively screening at home prior to coming to school. Thank you to families who have reached out to clarify any questions.

There may be more changes coming to our learning format, so please stay up to date on SJUSD Board Updates by viewing them on the San Juan Unified website. The next SJUSD Board meeting will be April 13th. To keep communication clear and consistent, you will receive notifications about updates and changes directly from the District. Please keep your email and phone information up to date so you are able to receive information in a timely manner, as it is shared. If you need assistance in updating your information and/or emergency contacts for your student(s), please contact our office at 916-979-8076.

Pershing's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

We are actively recruiting new members to our PTO for the 2021-2022 school year. In April each year, we seek out new parent leaders to join. Our current Executive Board is seeking parents who want to learn the ropes, shadow a member and help grow the team. If you have an interest in joining this great group, please come to our monthly PTO meeting this April 14th at 6p.m. on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 822 6375 2050
Passcode: PTO

We have about eight weeks of school left for this school year and we want to make the most of every minute to help each student grow, strengthen skills and prepare for the next year. Your communication and support are key to that progress. Please let us know if you have questions, concerns or specific needs, so we can work together for your child's success.


Mrs. Kendra Shelton


Calendar of Upcoming Events

April 13th: San Juan Unified School Board Meeting

April 14th: PTO Meeting at 6p.m. on Zoom
Meeting ID: 822 6375 2050
Passcode: PTO

April 20th: School Site Council meeting at 7:15a.m. on Zoom
Meeting ID: 881 8902 7493
Passcode: SSC

Wednesday Attendance Credit

Did your child complete and submit work on Wednesday?

Wednesdays are "asynchronous" and for most students, this means that in order to get attendance, he or she MUST submit an assignment in Google Classroom or See Saw on Wednesday in order to get attendance credit.

We have had many more absences on Wednesdays the past few weeks because some students are used to getting attendance credit for coming to a live Zoom meeting. Due to the Hybrid Learning schedule, teachers are not conducting full class lessons on Wednesdays because they are teaching three different attendance groups in two different formats.

Parents: For students to get attendance credit on Wednesdays, your child must do and submit work on Wednesday.

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