Case Study

by: Kamryn Rogers and Shayna Davis

Case of Olivia Kalie

Olivia had high glucose level, and had little energy. After research we found that the mitochandria was the organelle missing. We decided this because glucose goes into the mitochondria and ATP(energy) is created. There are other organelles that help with energy but the mitochondria is the one that MAKES the energy. We looked at all the organelles and mitochandria sounded like the one that was missing

Case of Frank Rentz

The organelle being targeted is the Golgi Apparatus. The Golgi apparatus creates the lysosomes which digest food and Frank was having problems with that. The reason we ruled out all the others is because the size of the Golgi Apparatus is the size of the organelle that was missing. We researched and read the symptoms and came up with our conclusion.

Case of Benjamin Botten

The lysosomes are the organelle being targeted. We know this because the lysosome is about 0.5-1.5 microns and that was the size of the organelle the physician identified as missing. Also because this organelle is the one that helps break down and digest the molecules that were built up in his body. To come up with our conclusion, we researched more in depth about what organelles do what and found that the lysosomes do the things that were not completed in Benjamin's body. We ruled out the other organelles because they were not the size of the organelle missing in Benjamin's body.

Case of Mary Streaver

In the case of Mary Streaver, the organelle being targeted is the peroxisome. We came to the conclusion because they deal with enzymes and fatty acids. The enzymes irate things such as amino acids which were found at a high concentration in Mary's body. The peroxisome is located inside the cytoplasm. Therefore, the cytoplasm is being targeted in a way. The peroxisome also matches the size of the organelle missing in Mary's body. It can range from anywhere between 0.1 to 1.0.

Conclusion: Is any organelle more important than the rest?

Not one organelle is more important than the rest. In the end if you think about it, all the organelles work together and need each other. If you took a organelle out of our bodies, it would mess up another organelles function. Therefore there is not one organelle that is more important than the others because they all work together.


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