Mina Loy

British Poet, Feminist, and Futurist 1882-1966


Mina Loy was born in London in 1882. Loy left school at age 17, and proceeded to pursue a painting career, studying in Munich, London, and Paris. In 1907, Loy moved to Florence, Italy, which is where she became a part of the futurist community. Loy joined the Futurist Movement in 1913, however due to misogyny and fascism, she left the movement in 1915. During her time in the Futurist Movement, she wrote two of her well-known pieces, the "Feminist Manifesto" and "Aphorisms on Futurism", both released in 1914.

Feminist Manifesto

One of Mina Loy's best known works is the polemic "Feminist Manifesto", released in 1914. Mina Loy had unique views on what feminism meant, which are expressed in this piece. The main idea that feminism focuses on is that women and men are equal. However, Mina Loy defines women and men as enemies, fighting for dominance within our society. She also believed that in order for women to have a chance at gaining power and respect, women must be desexualized, and remove emotion from relationships with men. When women can destroy their desire to be loved, they will get a chance at respect.

A quote from the "Feminist Manifesto"; "Women must destroy in themselves, the desire to be loved."

Connection to Modern Life

Mina Loy was a active feminist, who had strong opinions and was open to sharing them with others. Although some of Loy's views may be disagreed with today, her dedication for what she believed in is something that people today can learn from. Feminists everywhere should continue to stand for their beliefs, and take action in order to help make change within our society.