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Principal's Message

Dear Parents

The year 2016 is shaping up to be a wonderful and exciting one. Our 3rd through 5th grade Patriots enjoyed Career Day earlier this month. We had inspiring presentations from key community members. Our students learned of the many career opportunities that await them in the future.

Petway’s Multi-Cultural Night was a great success. Our Multi-Cultural Club put on a wonderfully educational presentation. Thank you to all the parents who joined us for this wonderful evening.

Our Petway Patriots are looking forward to our many fun activities celebrating the 100th day of school. I have heard more than one student comment on how fast this year is going! As the second marking period has come to a close, we can truly see the growth many of our students have made since the beginning of the school year.

Please remember, with the cold weather in February, to dress your children warmly. Students will be going outside for recess if the weather permits. If you are in need of warm clothing, please contact our guidance department.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Mrs. Jennifer Frederico

Character Corner

Cooperation - Working with others to accomplish a common purpose.

Quote: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” Henry Ford

Just a Reminder!!

Mrs. Holt, Ms. Todd, Miss Shropshire, and Mrs. Diorio are collecting Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels, and soda tabs. Please drop them off in the main office or send in with your child(ren).

Also, as part of our Service Learning Project, we are collecting toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to donate to the cats and kittens at the SPCA.

Thank you for your continued support!!!

What's Happening in the Classrooms


Kindergarten students are excited for the month of February! They will continue to use their reading strategies and sight words to become better readers. In Math, students are working with teen numbers, tens frames and addition. They will be discussing our Presidents and their impact on the United States. Students are looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day with all their new friends! During this month's Pride Day kindergarten students will proudly lead the school in the Petway Pledge, Flag Salute and School Song! What great Petway Patriots we have on Cooperation Court!

First Grade

Students have been learning a lot in first grade this month! In Math, they are learning how to count base ten blocks along with place value. The students are able to name each block and how much each block is worth. In Social Studies, first graders started discussing the difference between needs and wants. The students are able to name several differences between the two. As they finished tjeor unit on "how to" writing, students moved right into learning about the differences between fictional texts and nonfictional texts and learning how to use a nonfictional text to find information about a topic. Student will be doing research on an animal and be able to identify many characteristics. They will use what they learned to create their first research paper.

Second Grade

Second graders have been working hard in all subject areas while also practicing good character traits. This group is excited to build character throughout the rest of the school year. In Reading, students are striving to master their reading strategies through practice and dedication. In Math, students are diving into a new unit where they learn to have 3 addends. These Petway Patriots look forward to starting marking period 3 and learning about Social Studies concepts again. Second grade will work together to continue the new year with goals and ambition. Also, thank you second grade parents for your generous donations to our bingo auction baskets!

Third Grade

Third Graders are gearing up to write a research report! During their writing workshop period, students will be researching various topics and reporting to their classmates.

Keep practicing multiplication facts. Quizzes are given twice each week and recorded!

Encourage your child to read each night for 15 minutes. The best way to ensure your child's success in Reading and Writing is practice reading and writing each day!

Students are super excited to swing back into Science for the third marking period! They will be studying living things, ecosystems, and the water cycle!

Fourth Grade

Our Fourth Grade Patriots have been busy learning algorithms for multiplication and division. Students can solve these problems in more than one way now! In Writing, they are finishing up opinion essays and getting ready to publish their work. Finally, students are finishing up their study of the early inhabitants of New Jersey and getting ready to switch back over to Science in the third marking period.

Fifth Grade

Hope everyone enjoyed their snow day! 5th graders are back and busier than ever! In Reading, students are enjoying reading My Brother Sam is Dead. The discussions have been great using our new “CHAT” feature. Ask your child what this is. In Writing, students are focused on composing their Role Model essays for next month’s event. In Math, students are adding and subtracting fractions. Make sure to continue practicing their facts, as this will help when working with fractions. In Social Studies, students are learning about the Constitution. Keep up the good work, 5th grade!


The AMSA fifth graders are “swimming” into the third marking period. Recently the fifth grade AMSA students went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. This field trip connects closely to an ecosystem unit that the students are currently learning about in Science. In Math the students just finished a unit on decimals. They learned how to model, draw, and use strategies to solve multiplication problems using decimals.In STEM the students recently finished a forces and motions unit. They used LEGO’s to construct a sweeper, fishing rod, and a hammer. In Language Arts students have been transported to 18th century Philadelphia in Laurie Halse Anderson’s award-winning novel Fever 1793, based on the yellow fever epidemic that ravaged the city. In writing students are working on an essay honoring their role-models. In Social Studies students are close reading primary sources to understand the key events of the American Revolution.

VIP’s: Thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time to chaperone our field trip to the National Aquarium.

Students of the Month

Bunny and Me

Wednesday, March 16th, 5pm

Petway Elementary School, Vineland, NJ, United States

Vineland, NJ

Please join us at Petway School for an Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny, Pizza, Sand Art, and lots of Family Fun.
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Career Day at Petway