Katy Perry

Biography by: Emily Perry


Katy Perry was born on October 25,1984 in Santa Barbara. She has 1 sister named Angela,1 brother named David.Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and Katy Perry is her stage name.


Katy has 2 other siblings 1 sister 1 brother. Her sister is Angela and her brother is David.
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Katy Perry's mom and dad's names are Keith Hudson and Mary Perry. her mom and dad made her sing at there church at age 7.
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Katy got married to Russel Brand in 2010. They got married in a ceremony in India. They started dating in September 2009 and got engaged in December that year.Brand filed for divorce on December 30,2011.

Dentist trip

Katy didn't go to the dentist for sever years and when she did she had 13 cavities. So she started brushing her teeth 6 times a day
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why i picked Katy

I picked her because i like music and she does. Katy Perry inspires me to sing when I want to let loose for a bit.
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Katy Perry is creative with her costumes like in her video Roar