Wanda Hejnowicz

By Aidan Booker

Early Years

Wanda Hejnowicz was born on December 5, 1923. She had a sister and a brother. She was born in Ukraine which is a part of Poland.

World War II

She was captured by Nazis when she was 14 and imprisoned in a work camp in Poland. She was in the work camp for 8 years and that's where she met her future husband, Stan. In 1944 she, and all the other laborers from camp, were liberated by General Omar Bradley of the United States of America.
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After The War

She gave birth to a daughter named Maria in 1946. She came to America on July 4, 1950 to New Orleans by boat and then San Francisco by train. Wanda held down many jobs including housekeeper, waitress, and beautician. She died in 1994.
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