Panther Paws

Norfolk Junior High

By Titian Thompson

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Favorite App / Game *RUST*

Rust is a survival open world multiplayer video game for PC. It is in its beta stages, but it still is huge. The basics of the game is to survive, and you start off with a big rock, a torch, and a medpack. From there, the player can do two things - Gather resources, or loot stuff in Rad town. The player can gather resources by hitting a tree with the rock you got, or find a wood pile laying around and hit that. The player can also hit rocks with your rock to get some metal ore and stone. With stones and wood, you can build a hatchet. It’s better defense than a rock right? The other way is to go loot a town called “Rad (Radiation) town.” It’s called rad town because it’s full of radiation, but there is also a lot of weapons and resources in them. The only way to prevent rad. is to wear a radiation suit, which slows down radiation gain, and radiation pills, which take away 50-100 radiation each time you consume one. After you get a lot of resources, like wood and metal, you can start developing a house. It takes 30-150 seconds to make some items to build a house. Once you got the foundation, you can place down a furnace, crafting table, and a sleeping bag. This is only the basics of this game!

Movie Review

The Avengers takes place in New York with a bunch of SuperHeroes, The Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Thor. What's happening is that Loki, the bad guy (Thor’s Brother) got hold of the ultimate power source. He then goes to Earth from Asgard, and summons a portal from space into New York for an alien race to come in. They come through the portal flying with giant ships and flying mechanical worms. They start destroying buildings and wrecking everything. Thor and Iron Man then go to stop the portals, and successfully stop it.

Feature Story

Do you know what HTML is? Not a lot of people do. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and it’s used to create web pages. If you're looking to be a web designer, you have to be able to use / read HTML. HTML was invented by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of an also widely used invention, calling the World Wide Web. Ring a bell? HTML uses tags like <h1> to start a header, and a header is what the search engine (Google or Yahoo Search) looks for, so only use those for telling what your website is about. For bigger and bolder text, use <strong>This is a strong text</strong>, it makes it bolder. The <p> tag starts a paragraph, you can use that for typing long items. The newest version of HTML is HTML5.

CSS works really well with HTML, CSS means Cascading Style Sheet. It can be used for coloring your background, your text, and your text boxes if you want. All in all, HTML is one utility I really want to learn. This is the conclusion to my story about HTML, Hypertext Markup Language.

My Autobiography

When I am 40, I will look tall and skinny. When I went to highschool, I stayed in Norfolk going to Norfolk High. And after I graduated from that, I went to University of Nebraska having a major in graphic design. My first ever job was to design a web site for a starting company in Norfolk, Dishwashers United. After that my career of web design came along. I was making websites left and right, having barely enough time to go out and have fun with friends. It was a good paying job, but it was time consuming. I think I'm always going to continue this career, just getting better and better everytime. One day, I want to travel the world when I have enough money. I want to be able to go to London, Paris, Tokyo, and more. I also think I will always stay in the Norfolk, NE region. I get about 150-250 dollars or even more for websites, when it just only costs $3 to host it, while I'm making it. That’s a lot of profit! But still, I have to take days to complete a fully functional website complete with buttons to link to different parts of the website. I even get paid if there is a bug and I have to spend more time on it, (I get paid by the hour). Even though it might sound boring, I still love seeing my creations all over the web.

Nursery Rhyme

My sister’s always on the phone.
I never see her study.
She doesn’t do her homework,
which is why her grades are cruddy.

My sister’s always on the phone,
but I don’t think that’s cool.
My sister is so popular
she’s flunking out of school.

The Horrible Fate of Jack Nimble

On the fateful night of January 26, at 6:00 pm Jack Nimble, resident of 206 Make Believe Road burned in a house fire. He was in the kitchen when he heard his phone ring. He had a candle on the ground at the time and forgot, as he ran through the flame. It soon engulfed the house in fire burning it down.

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