By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Jayden Doudney

Theme: Life is easy compared to many years ago.


Torn takes place in James Bay back in 1611. Jonah (age 13) and Katherine (age 12) and JB (age 13) have found out that they were kidnapped babies snatched out of time. They are trying to figure when and where they belong. JB is stuck with other friends in the year 1600 and Jonah and Katherine are trying to reach them. While searching, Jonah and Katherine find themselves on a ship in Canada being sailed by the explorer Henry Hudson. Henry is looking for his son, John, who is also one of the missing kids of time.

In their adventure to find the missing kids, they are split in time travel. They are torn between what current history is and what is in the past. They find what they believe is the Northwest Passage but they are unsure. Will this new finding replace what they know in history or will it be the end of time.


"I think you can figure it out,"JB said. "John was Henry Hudson's son." "So that's who Jonah is!" Katherine squealed. "He must be, since you didn't bring back any other missing kids!"

There were those words again: "Northwest Passage." Some old memory stirred at the back of Jonah's mind. Something from 5th grade social studies, something Mrs. Rorshas had droned on and on about, with her talent for making even the more interesting subjects boring.

"Oh, Jonah, haven't you been making your own choices all along? " Second asked. "What choice do you want that you don't have?"

"The choice to go home!" Jonah replied.

Author's purpose

Margaret Patterson Haddix's purpose is to continue on in the series of her stories. She also wants to give kids a fun way to learn history history.

Changes to the storyline

If I could change something in the story, I would change the ending. I would leave readers in suspense and continue time through history taking both Jonah and the kids on a new adventure.

Jonah vs. Jayden

We are alike because we are close to the same age.

We are different because I have never been on a adventure like him and Katherine.

Jonah's strengths and weaknesses

Jonah's strength's are finding new stuff like the Northwest Passage.

Jonah's weaknesses are when he could not find John Hudson.

How might this story be different?

This story would be different because there might have been different characters. And they might have not have found the Northwest Passage.

Rating of the book

My rating of this book is a ten. My other book from last quarter was not near as good as this book. I now want to read the other books in the series.