By: Camille M, Leslie H

Properties of a magnet

  1. attracts or repels magnets
  2. attracts iron and materials that contain iron
  3. point north when swinging freely

Magnetic Poles

All magnets have two poles, a north pole and a south pole. Alike poles repel such as a north pole and a north pole, whereas oppisite poles such as a north pole and a south pole will attract.

Magnetic Force and Magnetic Field

Magnetic force is when two poles interact they will do one of the two, repel, or attract.

Magnetic fields are invisible lines that show where the strongest and the weakest part of the magnet. When the invisible lines are closer together the magnetic field is sronger. But when the magnetic field lines are farther a part that equals a weaker magnetic field.

picture below:

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Magnetic Domains

When magnets are magnetized all the domains will face the same direction. But when the domain are going in random directions the object is not magnetized.
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