World War Two

The Worst War In History


World War Two was the most destructive conflict in history. More than 60 million people died and even more were wounded. It affected women poorly by cutting off their hair because they interacted with the Germans. Women worked as nurses and seamstresses to make money for their family's and helped men get better. There were many battles in World War Two including the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Aleutian Islands.
BBC D-Day: The Last Heroes - Potted History


Something that is similar in World War Two and wars now ,such as arguments or actual war, is people think it's unfair or they are mad at they're mad at somone. They both include weapons such as guns and They both include machinery such as tanks and jets.


Differences between World War Two and now is they have better quality machinery and weapons. There's women in war now and not just men. Teens are not forced to go into the army. They have better travel equipment. There is not as much wars now than back then.