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May 2016

Do you have "Prior Goals" in your plan?

When revising and updating your Action Plan in your Comprehensive Plan, do you have any goals with the title, "Prior Goals" above? (snapshot below) If so, please know that these are un-editable since they are goals that were aligned to a previous set of systems analysis - guiding questions. Now that the questions have been updated, you are asked to revisit the systems analysis - guiding question section to analyze the systems within your school. If you would like to continue one of your "Prior Goals", please feel free to use the "Create a Custom Goal" link and copy/paste the information in so that you can continue working on it or refer to the current set of questions to see if there is one that is similar.
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Attention Phase 3 LEAs

The PA Planning Team would like to inform you of the upcoming training for all Phase 3 entities. We encourage you to attend the face-to-face session nearest you to hear updates made to the Comprehensive Planning tool, new requirements for the plan and to receive individual support/help if needed. Please be sure to register using the link below to ensure you receive additional information for the training closer to time.

· June 10, 2016 – King of Prussia PaTTAN (200 Anderson Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406) – Betsy Ross Room

· June 14, 2016 – Harrisburg PaTTAN (6340 Flank Dr, Harrisburg, PA 17112) – Dauphin Room

· June 22, 2016 - Pittsburgh PaTTAN (3190 William Pitt Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15238) – Romette Room

· July 25, 2016 – IU 14 (Berks County Intermediate Unit, 1111 Commons Boulevard, Reading, PA 19612)– Commonwealth AB Room

· July 27, 2016 – IU 5 (Northwest Tri County Intermediate Unit, 252 Waterford St, Edinboro, PA 16412)

· August 11, 2016 – IU 19 (Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit, 1200 Line St, Archbald, PA 18403)

Please click here to register for the face-to-face sessions. Please submit one registration per person attending. We will need individual email addresses.

  • An agenda for the day is being drafted and will be sent to your IU Contacts prior to the training session for distribution.
  • Sign in will begin at 8:30 with the training session starting at 9:00am.
  • If you need help gaining access to your plan or logging in, please arrive by 8:30 am so that we can resolve all issues prior to the training starting at 9.
  • Our session will finish around lunch time. The PA Planning Team will be available for questions and support at that time. If you are staying after the session, please know that lunch will be on your own.
  • Please bring your laptop to the session as we will be logging in to your Comprehensive Plan.

Virtual Session

A virtual session of the Phase 3 training will be offered on August 19, 2016 at 9:00 am for anyone who is unable to attend a face-to-face session. Please use the link below to enter the Zoom room on August 19th at 9:00 am.

Please use this link to enter the virtual session held on August 19, 2016 via Zoom:

Charter Annual Report due August 1, 2016 for ALL Charter Schools

Charter Schools now have the ability to enter data into their designated 2015-2016 Charter School Annual Report via the Comprehensive Planning Web Application.

To submit your Charter School Annual Report by the August 1, 2016 deadline, the Chief School Administrator/CEO AND Board of Trustees President of the Charter School must electronically sign the Affirmation page before submitting the report.

In order to enter a signature, the CEO and the Board President will need to follow the steps below. A visual representation of these directions can be found here. (Use the file titled, "Charter School Communication 2016").

Please note, both the CEO and the Board President will need a PDE portal account AND be granted access to the Charter School’s Comp Plan by the Local Security Administrator at the Charter School to be able to access the report.)

1) Visit the PDE website-

2) Log into the PDE Portal under “Access MY PDE Suite" and then select the Comp Plan application.

3) Select your Charter School.

4) Click “Charter School Annual Report” or from the Comprehensive Planning overview page, use the Compass in the top left hand corner to scroll up to select “Select Plan or Annual Report”.

5) Click on “Report Submission” and select “Affirmations”.

6) After viewing each affirmation by clicking “Show”, the Board President and CEO will enter their signatures from their own account by clicking “Sign” next to their name.

Once the electronic signatures reside in the tool, you can select the hyperlink “Status and History” at the bottom of the “Affirmation” page. This will direct you to “Check the Charter Annual Report for Issues.” Once any necessary changes are made, the Planning leader will then be able to view and click the “Submit” button.

For more information, please click here.

Important! Account Cleanup!

As leadership and staff changes occur in your school, please be sure the Comprehensive Planning web application user roles are kept up to date. Local Security Administrators need to be updating their accounts to ensure all account holders are still active members of the school and should have access to the Comprehensive Plan. Please click here for more details.

Attention Priority and Focus Schools

As a reminder, by June 30, 2016, all Focus and Priority schools will need to resubmit their School Improvement Plan through the Comprehensive Planning web application. There are a few additions to the SIP that are outlined below and will need to be completed for the resubmission process.

The 4 sections within the web application that will need to be completed and/or revised, over and above any revisions you have made to your plan are the ‘Planning Committee’, ‘Assurances – Title I Schools’, ‘Affirmations’ and the ‘Evaluation of School Improvement Plan’.

*CEOs/Superintendents and Board Presidents will need to at least have "Author" access in order to sign the plan prior to resubmission.

As an additional note, all Priority and Focus schools that are required to resubmit their School Improvement Plan (SIP) annually by June 30th, will need to post their plan for 28 days prior to submission. This public review can simply consist of running a “total plan output” report of the plan and posting the plan on your school’s webpage. Posting the plan to the public for 28 days encourages parent and public involvement and allows schools to be transparent in their turnaround efforts.

Phase 2 LEAs

Your Comprehensive Plan will need to be submitted via the web application by November 30, 2016. As a reminder, the information/data from your last plan has carried over, and for submission this cycle, your planning committee(s) will be updating and revising the plan to reflect the next 3 year cycle of your plan. You may edit any of the information within your plan to ensure it is up to date. Use the time between now and October (allowing for 28 day public review) to set meetings times with your planning committee(s) to evaluate your plan, monitor your progress and make any changes that are necessary. For a screencast of the Phase 2 training offered last summer, please click here and scroll down to the webcast titled, "LEA Level Training (Phase 2) - Comprehensive Planning.

Comprehensive Planning Office Hours

Have specific questions regarding your Comprehensive Plan, School Improvement Plan or Charter Annual Report? Join me at the next CP Virtual Office Hour on June 1, 2016 from 1-2 pm.

The office hours will be held in a “Go-To Webinar” format so participants may come and go anytime between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm on designated days. These online sessions will be offered for anyone who may have questions regarding content, action planning, data analysis, etc.

*Please note – you only need to register 1 time. Email reminders will be sent prior to the office hour days. If you don’t have any questions or if the day/time doesn’t suit your schedule, you can simply delete your reminder email.

Please click the link below to register and attend when needed:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Updating Contact Information

Have you had any recent changes to your school - phone number, school name, administrator, etc.? Be sure to update your information in EdNA. The PA Planning Team has a web service that generates an import from EdNA on a daily basis so the demographics section of your plans are up to date. Be sure to check EdNA to ensure your school's contact information is up to date. If updates are needed, please contact the Center for Data Quality & Information Technology by emailing or calling 717-787-2644.

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