John and Leizel's Wedding

Help us make our special day GREAT

It's all closing in very quickly. In less than 3 months we will be married, have a litter of 12, buy a mansion, get a small 70' yacht for the kids, and some counseling for me when it all drives me crazy. I can't wait :-)

Kensington Gardens

Sunday, Aug. 19th 2012 at 3pm

3804 Olson Drive NW Gig Harbor, Washington 98335

  • 3:00pm People Arrive
  • 4:00pm We get hitched
  • 4:30pm People talk while tables are prepared
  • 5:00pm You eat salad
  • 5:30pm We do our first dance, while we watch you eat
  • 6:15pm Time to toast it up
  • 6:25pm Cake cutting, Mother Son, and Father Daughter dances
  • 6:30pm You dance, while we eat food
  • 7:00pm Rock like it's 1999
  • 8:00pm Go home, the party is over... kthksbye