by: Sarah Callanan


Population: 8,191,958

Capital: Dushanbe

Leader: President Emomali Rahmon

Government: Presidential republic

language: Tajik

Religion: Mostly all Sunni Muslim

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First, there is food\drinks in Tajikistan, one of the most popular drinks is green tea. Herbal tea is also common in northern Tajikistan. When tea cups are filled halfway it means the guest is welcome for a long period and will receive more tea. One thing they really respect is bread, they worship it. They make sure to rip it with both hands and never place it on the floor.


Next, is the holidays they celebrate. One holiday they celebrate is Nowruz which means new year. It is an ancient spring festival on March 21. They celebrate by buying new clothes, fixing up their homes, and being kind. Id-i-ramazon is the most important holiday to Tajikistan. They celebrate by getting off work, and donating food. One other thing they do during Id-i-ramzon is carol around. One other holiday is New Years, its the largest holiday there. During New Years people of Tajikistan hang garlands and decorate evergreen trees. Its like Christmas, they have a person like Santa named Father Frost and he leaves toys for the children.

Marriage and Dating

Last, is their marriage and dating. Dating is not likely in rural areas and its not likely for people to show affection in public. Most dating there is a secret and will likely not go on to marriage because parents pick there husband\wife. Engagement happens a day after they meet if they like each other. Marriage is very common and its most likely everyone would be married. Marriage season is June-September and the wedding lasts for three days. Divorce is very very unlikely in the rural areas but is common in urban areas. if you get divorced (if you're a girl) you will most likely not be married again because all the men will think you were the cause of the marriage failing.
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Another thing they do is plan partrige fights at markets. One of there favorite sports is soccer. Men love to gather and watch soccer on TV. Boys like to play soccer on the field after school. They wrestle and have horse races on special events such as weddings, births,Etc. When there is special events they wrestle and have horse racing.


They have a game similiar to polo called buzkashi is a central asia game but, instead of a ball they use a heavy headless goat body. The game mostly played by men can be dangerous and requires a lot of strength and skills on the horse


They love local art, they feel that the local and islamic art is part of there heritage. They preform opera in the city but, in the rural areas they sing poems called epos. They love dancing during special events. They love crafting like making necklaces.


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