The Under Ground Rail Road

By Abbie Hough Per. 1 Furnish

How to Escape:

-In the Underground Railroad

"baggage" or "passengers" are what the white people call darkies

"Conductors" are people who help guide runaways

"stationmasters" are people who hide runaways in their home

Nature will help guide you

-At night time is when it is best to escape make sure your owners are asleep and sneak out. (Make sure your overseer is sleep if not say that you are using the bathroom)

-If a dog starts to bark make sure you cover your scent. The most effective way of covering your scent is to jump into the nearest river. (If caught you will be punished severely by the "flogging" method.)

-To find which way is north at night you can look up at the sky and make out the big dipper. The direction that the North Star (the brightest star) is facing is north.

-If it is morning you can look and see which direction the birds are flying as they usually migrate north.

-If it is morning or too cloudy you can look at the moss on the tree since moss grows on the north side.

-As soon as you cross the Ohio River you will be officially out of Kentucky and into the north where you will be free.

Past the Black Belt is a life beyond this peculiar institution.


Nat Turner

Nat Turner was an African American Slave who lead a Slave revolt in Virginia on August 21, 1831 where 60 white people were killed.

Denmark Vesey

Denmark Vesey, originally Telemaque, was an African-American slave in South Carolina who planned a slave rebellion in 1822 but once word of his plans were leaked him and his followers were executed.