Road to Perseverance Newletter

By: Mina Lazic

Perseverance defined by Me

How I define Perseverance is, "keep going, don't stop it might be hard but its worth a try." One example how to persevere is when you are doing things that will help you achieve in life and help others achieve as well.

Comparing and Contrasting Dartanyon and Leroy

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Lauren Hills adversities

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Tom Monaghan Problem and Solution

Tom Monaghan problem was that he suffered though bankruptcy. One solution is that Tom learned how to push though his adversities and be a better person at his job. Another solution Tom had was that Tom got to follow his dream by making pizza for people who enjoy it as much as he does. The third solution for Tom was that Tom learned how to be a better owner for his company. An additional solution is that he worked hard to be where he is right now and life. And lastly the last solution is that Tom ended up making a famous pizza restaurant called domino's.
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This is a picture of Tom Monaghan. He is the pizza maker and the creator of dominoes.

Boston Marathon Runners in Chronological order

Many people would meet up at where the marathon took place so they can talk. Also many people who thought that they would never run a marathon in their life started running. Many families would meet up together to talk about the day of the marathon so they can hear others stories. After that they had a reunion at the Boston marathon. After that all the families ran nice and safely through out the marathon that was suppose to happen the first time. Last many people have overcame though their fear of that day and had inspired many people in the world today.
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This is a picture of the run this year 2015.

Jackie Robinson description

Jackie Robinson has face through many adversities. One adversity was that many people didn't believe that colored people like Jackie Robinson couldn't play baseball. Many people would throw things at Robinson and call him names when he would play. Another adversity was that Jackie Robinson had to fight through the civil rights movement. Many colored people were speaking eloquently to find their rights in life. Jackie had fought and pushed behind all the rude things that were said to him and did what he had to do. And that was to speak up.
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This is Jackie Robinson. This is a picture of him playing baseball, the sport he loves.

What have we learned from the perseverance of others in order to overcome adversity today's world?

We can learn that everyone has struggles and its not only you. These people who persevere help you because it shows that these people had the same thing you were going through and they made it so you can too. Also, we learn that when you do persevere you will feel better about yourself and know that if it happens again you can do, but you can't just do it you do it better. Lastly, this will show you that life is not perfect so what ever adversity comes in you way fight it and carry on.