Reduce Carbon Footprint

Kenneth Braley

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the release of carbon based gases into the atmosphere.

Best Site

The best site was and the reason i chose this site is that it was the first site after I Googled "carbon footprint calculator".

What i learned from this site is that there are quite a number of ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

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What is a carbon market?

A carbon market is the acting of putting a price on the ability to emit carbon into the atmosphere.

How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

  • You can do simple things like turning off the lights when you leave the room or shutting off your television or computer when you aren't using them.
  • You can also walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving a car.
  • You can avoid burning things like wood.
  • You could turn off your heater or air conditioner when you don't need them.
  • You can also avoid using hot water.