Satchel paige

the best pitcher

Who Was

Satchel paige was born 1906 june 7. His parents names were John and Lula paige. Satchels family did not have that much money so satchel sold empty bottles. He also carried bags off trains. Satchel threw rocks at chickens to get his family food.

What Did He Do

What Did He Do

Satchel was a really good pitcher with his speed skill and control made him very special. To the world that is why he is legend. Satchel was in the negro league hall of fame in 1971. When Satchel paige played for the mobile tigers he threw 30 wins and 1 loss.


this is the reason I picked Satchel paige because I was interested in baseball because I play baseball and I pitch.

satchel paige

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