2015-16 Culinary Arts 3

Class syllabus

Colonial High School Prostart program

Course description

This course provides occupationally specific opportunities for students to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with actual business and industry career experiences. Culinary Arts 3 integrates academic and career and technical education; provides more interdisciplinary instruction; and supports strong partnerships among schools, businesses, and community institutions with the goal of preparing students with a variety of skills in a fast-changing workplace.
(2) Students are taught employability skills, which include job-specific skills applicable to their training plan, job interview techniques, communication skills, financial and budget activities, human relations, and portfolio development. Culinary Arts 3 is relevant and rigorous, supports student application of academic standards, and effectively prepares students for college and career success.
(3) Instruction may be delivered through school-based laboratory training or through work-based delivery arrangements such as cooperative education, mentoring, and job shadowing.
(4) Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations and other leadership or extracurricular organizations.

Chef Maria Almestica


407-694-7925 ext.6022617

Instructional materials


National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, 2011, Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts Level 2. There is also a $20.00 lab donation/ fee for this class to cover food and kitchen supplies a combination of the following supplies, Plus $10.00 donation

  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Paper towel
  3. Parchment paper
  4. Plastic paper/plastic bags
  5. Dish detergent
  6. Paper plates
  7. Plastic forks/spoons
  8. Hand sanitizer

Rules and regulations


• Assignments not turned in on the due date will lose 20% of their scored point. All assignments must be turned in one week prior to the end of the marking period. No assignments will be accepted after that. If you have an excused absence the day an assignment is due, it may be turned in the following class period for full credit.

There is no make up work for unexcused absences or tardies.

• There will be homework required for this class.


• Tests can only be made up if an absence is excused. If the test is not made up within two class

periods of the absence, you will lose 20% of the scored points. You have two weeks to make up a

missed test.

• If you score less than 70% on a test you need to come get some help and correct your test.


. Your grade will be based upon OCPS grade policy

A= 90%-100%

B= 80%- 89%

C=70% - 79%

D=60% - 69%

F=0% - 59%

• Grades are generally updated weekly.

Please check progress book frequently to monitor your grade.

• Participation points are a critical component in this class. Each

day, each students can earn 10 points for being in their seat

ready for class, 20 points for using class time as directed and 10 points for cleanup. This is a major assignment, 10 points for using technology appropriately

• To make up points, students will need to make up the class

work when possible. When this is not possible, the students

will be assigned a writing assignment related to the topic of the

class missed.


• Please refer to the student code of conduct for school and district policies pertaining to dress code,

Attendance, electronic devices, and other important issues.

• You must remain in class until the bell rings. Leaving class without permission will be reported to

the attendance and dean office. You may also lose your participation points for the day.

• No obscene gestures/language in the class.

• Demonstrate care and respect for class property. You break it, you buy it!

• No threatening, coercing, intimidating, harassing or bullying any other students or staff.

• Lab rules must be followed. These are posted in the class.

• All cell phones should be off and concealed. Laptops, fully charge

Students are NOT to be in the kitchens except on lab days.


The use of complete uniform including closed toe shoes is necessary when cooking.

Passes will not be written the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class. Signed passes will be needed for tardies.

No makeup or hair grooming in kitchen, classroom areas.

Follow safety and sanitation rules in kitchen as well as class.

Be prepared to clean up your messes and to put books and chairs in their proper places at the end of the day.

Respect school property, classroom resources, kitchen equipment, and other people’s belongings.

ATTENTION STUDENTS WITHFOOD ALLERGIES/ DISABILITIES: If you have any food allergy/disability, which may impair your ability to successfully, complete this course, please contact the instructor.

Please check. Your child will receive points for returning this slip.

I have read and understand it___

I would like a phone call/email from the teacher. (407) 482-6300 ext.6022617

I am sending the class donation ( ) today, ( ) this week, ( ) this month

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