Battle Of The Drinks

Pepsi vs Coke, who shall win?

The controversy of the drinks have been going on for decades! Cola Wars is the world's largest soda brands face-off. Coke and Pepsi fighting for the highest market share and brand loyalty, dividing the nation into two distinct groups of rival soda drinkers.

Coke was already selling millions of gallons per year by the time Pepsi came to be. Coke has always held the bigger market share, but at times, Pepsi fueled by smarter and more aggressive advertising campaigns which resulted them to move ahead in the market.

See for yourself, which one is better?

Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation
Coke Hug Machine

Cola Wars was filled with multiple series of advertising campaigns. In the 1980s, Cola Wars has reached its breaking point, and each companies advertising campaigns got competitive!

Coke has kept a family-friendly brand name, in the 80s their ads contained such diverse groups of people to attempt to appeal to a wide audience. Making their drink sound more enjoyable and putting the brand in a positive manner. On the other hand, Pepsi pulled in a bevy of A-listers to remind you to drink Pepsi. Michael J. Fox, Michael Jackson, The Spice Girls, Madonna and more celebrities have been featured in Pepsi commercials.

Fun Fact:

There was a TV commercial designed to show PepsiMax tastes better than Coke Zero, that rather smacked of blatant competition in the 1980s.

Did you know?

In 1985, Pepsi and Coca-Cola launched into space, aboard the space shuttle challenger

STS-51-F. Each company designed their own special cans to test packaging and dispensing techniques for use in Zero G conditions. As a result, it was classified a failure due to lack of refrigeration and gravity.

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