BY:Miranda Wainwright


Desertification is when a fertile becomes a desert caused by a drought, deforestation.

Desertification is happening in Coastal Africa, South Africa and in the Sahara. Desertification is a problem because its causes land to be not livable, it cause plant reproduction, it affects wildlife animals.

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overpopulation is when a population of a species exceeds the maximum perception in a area. overpopulation is happening mostly in Cairo.

overpopulation is a problem because Africa triples every year. With this happening it will cause massive starvation problems, it could lead to war.

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Apartheid is a policy of segregation on ground of race.

Apartheid is happened is South Africa.

Apartheid is a problem because it discriminates against the race of people.


Genocide is a deliberate killing a large group of people mostly people is in ethic groups and nations.

Genocide is happening in the South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Darfur in the Republic of Sudan.

Genocide is a problem because it is a mass of violence committed against civilian.

Civil Wars

Civil Wars is a war between people from the same country.

Civil Wars are happening in Libya, South Sudan,Mali, Ivory coast,Nigeria and Congo.

Civil Wars are a bad thing because so many people are getting slaughtered

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A disease is a disorder of the structure in a human, animal and, plants.

Diseases are a problem because they can get you rally sick of they could kill you.

Diseases are happening in almost every part of Africa

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Rites of passage

Rites of passage is a ceremony held when someone reaches an important part in their life.

This happens in Xhosa and bathans.

Some examples of rites of passage is birth,marriage,puberty,having children and death.


Swahili is a Bantu language widely used as a lingua franca.

Swahili takes place in East Africa and, North Africa.

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Polygamy is marriages under customary law.

Polygamy takes place in South Africa.

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Bantu is a general label for the 300-600 ethnic groups.

Bantu takes place in Central Africa, Great Lakes and, Southern Africa.

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