Ancient India

by : Nathan Kriz


.They used rich soil on the Indus River valley         .Populations grew from the surplus of food         .Since the populations grew villages became filled so most were made into citties       .citties flourished from about 2500B.C. to 1500B.C.

Natural and Scarce resources

Rich soil for growing crops.     They use animal manure and types of plant products for fertilizer.    They also found certain types of stone for a money system.    Scarce resources were food people traded for meat because they mostly farmed.  

Methods of trade

People used rivers and channels to take things by boat.     Some also used oxen and elephants to carry heavy things.

Type of Government

Once farming started villages began to form and they had a Raja or a King that ruled the village.     Some villages or citties were a type of Democracy and the Raja or King was considered the supreme head of the Legaslative.     Once they got it to the Gupta and Mauryan it became more of a monarch.

Contributions to todays world

The first university was built in Takshilu in 700B.C. so we have them today.     Ayurveda was the first school for medicanes made in India.