Kilauea Volcano

By:Luzcio and Monique

Date of the natural disaster

On January 3 , 1997 Kilauea east rift zone began its 15th years of continuous eruptions the longest rift-zone eruption in written history since the eruption began in 1983 lava has covered 37 square miles of existing terrain.

Characteristics: signs and warnings

Kilauea many eruptions where predicted by the 800 and 6,300 quakes in the ka 'oik i pail area 2 with in the southwest rift zone 4 and 1 within the middle east rift zone.Also from the 1972 eruption an earthquake triggered within the Kilauea volcano and it caused forty-eight foot tsunami killing 2 people.

Death toll and casualties

The 1790 Kilauea killed 80 people. In 1924 this time only killing one person.In 1972 only 2 people were killed but this time from a tsunami caused by an earthquake within the Kilauea volcano.It started erupting again on January 1983 and from that day they are still counting how many times it has erupted.

Countries that were affected

One of the countries were affected was Kilauea's home town Hawaii.The eruption in 1790 killed 80 people because of the gases and ash emitted from the volcano they were blinded and were suffocated.Also the result of the eruptions caused $2,594,703 in damages.

Economic impact (money)

The items that were effected during Kilauea's many eruptions were:

Land (300 acres) $ Cost

10,670,4 tons of sugar 600,000

Molasses 1,240,434

Fruit/Vegetables 26,676

Buildings 180,103

Equipment 58,055

Livestock 36,702

Olaa Sugar Co.roads 1,209

Planter roads 23,250

Federal Aid Roads 10,700

Country roads 52,00



Environmental impact/damages

Some of the items that were affected during all of Kilauea's eruptions are $1,209 worth the live stock.They must of lost a lot of hamburgers.$212,550 worth the county roads.That must be a long time not being able to drive.$180,103 worth the fruit and vegetables.Kids must of loved that and many other things like buildings and equipment also 300 acres of land and also molasses.

Other important facts about the event

Kilauea has 61 records of eruptions and still i a continues bases since 1983.Now to February 2013 Kilauea has destroyed about 200 homes and other buildings and it frequently damages local utilities and roads.