1B Weekly Newsletter

October 17-21

Red Ribbon Week- Oct 24-28

Monday, October 24th: “Red”-Y to Live a Drug Free Life (wear red clothing)

Tuesday, October 25th: “Wild About Being Drug Free (crazy hair day)

Wednesday, October 26th: “Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up (wear mismatched clothes)

Thursday, October 27th: “Don’t Get Tied Down with Drugs (wear tie dye)

Friday, October 28th: “Follow Your Dreams: Don’t Do Drugs (wear pajamas)


Reading: Making connections to stories we read (3 types: text to self, text to text, and text to world)

Writing: Celebrating finishing our first book! Introducing nouns and verbs.

Word Work: short o

Math: Comparing Numbers- greater than, less than, and equal to and sequencing numbers on a number line

Science: Forms of Energy: Heat & Light

Social Studies: Where are We? PBL- Working on creating maps for our final products

Upcoming Dates

October 20- Community night

October 21- Star Savers Bank is open

October 21- Report cards go home

October 24- Send back report card signed

October 28- Citizen Ceremony

1B Schedule

7:50 Morning Work

8:15 Morning Meeting

8:30- Math

Snack/Restroom Break

9:30 Science/Social Studies

10:30 Recess

11:05 Lunch

11:35 Handwriting/Spelling

12:00-2:15- Reading & Writing Workshop

2:20 Specials

3:05 Dismissal

Library Day: Monday 10:00am

Specials Schedule

Day 1- PE
Day 2- Technology
Day 3- Art
Day 4- Music

Day 5- PE


Driving Question: How can we as, stranded 1st graders, work together to start a new island community that will keep us happy, healthy, and safe?

Check out our Entry Document Video for PBL:

Where Am I-Entry Event

Congratulations to Purush, our September citizen of the month!

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Character Trait of the Month

October- Responsibility

Please talk with your child about what this means

October Birthdays

26th- Ravali

27th- Aditi

Contact Me

My conference times are Monday-Friday at 2:30. Please email me to schedule an appointment.

Dont forget to send in your box tops!

Please place box tops in a ziploc bag with your child's name and 1B-Mrs. Gibbs labeled on the bag.
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