Glass Breaking

Erin and Bailey

What Makes Glass Break?

Even the strongest glass will break under too much force. Glass does not absorb energy so therefore it just shatters.
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Different Types of Glass Breakage

Impact Breakage- When something directly hits the glass and shatters it

Stress Cracks- Usually only happens in heat strengthened glass. They come from the edge of the glass and spread outward

Edge Damage- When the glass breaks from the edges inward

Spontaneous Breakage- When glass (especially tempered glass) breaks all by itself

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How strong can glass get?

Molecules in warm glass just flow randomly and vibrate. When the glass is cooled the molecules freeze in place in a random arrangement. The strength of the glass depends on the bonds between the molecules.

Fun Facts

  • When glass is broken the cracks move faster than 3,000 MPH. A camera would shave to shoot at a millionth of a second to catch it.
  • Before people learned to manufacture glass they found it in nature.
  • When lightning strikes sand, it forms glass tubes call fulgurites or petrified lightning.
  • Natural glass can also occur around volcanic directions.
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