Willow Parent Bulletin # 1

August 20, 2021

We learned a lot... and it's only been 2 days!

One of the many things I love about working in the land of little people is that we see so many of their "aha" moments. Just from yesterday, our first full day, to today, we could see learning happening. Most of that took the form of routines and safety lessons, all under the guidance of The Willow Way... Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Ready. Ask your child about it over the weekend? Hopefully he/she can give you some examples for each!

We also had our first school celebration- a dance party on Willow Hill. The entire K-2 students body joined Mrs. Mastela and Mrs. Klyn as they led everyone in exercises and dance. Wow- some of our wildcats really have the moves! We were even joined by Homewood Police Chief Denise McGrath and Deputy Chief Kelly Strayer, who helped our teachers on top of the hill. Everyone had a great time, despite the heat!

Thank you for your patience as we get the buses running smoothly. The routes have more students than in past years, so the trip home each day will take a little longer. Once the students and drivers get better acclimated, the timing should get better. Please review with your child the importance of sitting on his/her bottom, staying in the seat, keeping his/her mask on, and not getting up while the bus is moving.

Next week is a full week for everyone! Thanks for all you do at home to insure your child is ready to learn!

Big picture

drop off and pick up

Thank you for being considerate of our staff and students during the drop-off and pick-up times. Willow Road can get pretty busy. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you park on the south side of the street, check the signs to be sure it's allowed.
  • Don't double park, and especially don't double park and let your student out.
  • There are no U-turns along Willow Road. Please continue to the next side street and turn.
  • Use the cross walks and crossing guards/police to cross the streets.

in the mornings:

  • Please pull onto the pad along Willow Road and pull all the way down.
  • A staff member will open the door and get your child.
  • Please watch out for students walking the white line on the sidewalk. We appreciate your yielding while they learn their way.

after school:

  • You can park on the pad along Willow Road at this time.
  • If there's not an open space, please loop the block and come back around.

Keeping your kids safe is everyone's priority.

Accidents happen

With 550ish students ages 7 and under, accidents are part of our day. Sometimes it's the I spilled my milk accident or the I fell in the mud accident. Occasionally it's also the bathroom related accident, which is why we need your help.

If your child has any outgrown shorts, sizes 4-10, we'd appreciate you donating them to the school. When accidents happen, the nurse will change students and send the wet clothes home in a bag. If that happens, we appreciate having the loaners washed and returned. With the super hot weather, we are low on loaner shorts right now.

We need to hear from you when...

  • If your child will be absent, call the attendance hotline at 708-647-2200.
  • If you are changing your child's transportation for the end of the day, we need you to CALL the office by 2:00 PM.
  • If your is ill, please be sure to let us know his/her symptoms.
  • If we can help with anything- we have a full time social worker, counselor and psychologist.