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January 2016

January News at a Glance

Back to school

Pick up time

Golden Trophy Winners

4-k "Frozen" Night

1st Grade "Chill Out and Read"

No School

Bucket Filling

Old Medications


Continue to enjoy your holiday break!



Due to professional days, there will be no school on January 18th and January 22nd!

Also, January 21st ends our 2nd quarter of school!

The End of the School Day is @ 3:25. PLEASE be prompt with your pick up plans.

The end of the day can be a very hectic time for kids and their parents. Make sure you have a definite plan in place so your kids know what's going on. We all can run behind occasionally but this should not be an every day occurrence. The school is locked at 4:00 and unless of an emergency your kids should be picked up before then.


Each month one classroom is elected to win a Golden Trophy. The trophies coincide with our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). They are the following trophies:

Golden Boot Trophy is for the class that displays safe, walking feet, respectful voices, and responsible behavior when walking in the hall.

Golden Plunger Trophy is for the class that displays respectful bathroom procedures, quiet voices, waiting your turn, washing your hands correctly and appropriate use of bathroom supplies. Responsible bathroom behavior includes cleaning up after yourself and proper self hygiene.

Golden Lunch Tray is for the class that displays safe, walking feet, respectful manners, and voice level, and is responsible by cleaning up their space and helping to keep the lunchroom clean.



4-K "Frozen" Night

On January 14th from 5:30pm until 6:30pm, 4k will be having a "Frozen" Night!

First Step teachers and assistants are hosting a Frozen night for their first step friends. There will be Frozen activities, Svan's Snack Shack, Ice-skating, Olaf's snow friend's games and more to enjoy! So if you're a 4k family, come in for some family fun! Sven, Kristoff and Olaf will be "hanging" around for pictures too!

"Chill Out And Read" with 1st Grade

On January 15th from 2:15-3:00 parents, grandparents will be invited to come and join the kids for a "Chill out and Read" afternoon.

A family member or friend is invited to come in and read with your first grader. Maybe mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, neighbor or friend.

The person coming in can bring some of their favorite books to read to your child. We will also have a variety of books here to choose from. When you are all done “chilling out”, we will enjoy some hot cocoa!

If for some reason you are unable to find someone to come in with your child, we will pair them up with a buddy.

For some extra fun, you can have your child dress like a penguin….in black & white!

Dress for the Weather!

Having 2 pair of mittens, one for morning recess and one pair for a second recess, is a great idea. Also, having a separate bag for wet items, other than in a back pack, is a very good idea. That way all of your child's homework, libray books and folders with important papers all stay dry!


This year a new messaging system is being added to our school communication. It is a new, fast and effective way to reach parents, students and staff members in our district. School Messenger can uses voice, email and text-message. School Messenger will be used to contact families in regards to important events happening in our school district. This includes cancellation of school because of weather, school safety and other urgent news. If you have any questions about this please let us know.


Our lost and found is located right inside the front door. Jacket, sweaters and coats are hanging. Water bottles, mittens, hats and lunch boxes are up on top. Please ask if you need any assistance with looking through these things. At the end of the semester, on Jan. 22nd, any items left unclaimed will be donated to the Platteville Thrift Shop.

To avoid your child's clothes ending up in the lost and found, please be sure to label them with name.

Do you have unused or unwanted medication at home?

The Platteville Police Department will dispose of your unwanted medications for free. You may drop off medication at the police station.

They will accept:.

  • Liquids, lotions, ointments, medication patches if they are securely sealed in a Ziploc type bag, one bottle per bag. Liquids must be in their original containers. These medications can be dropped off between 8:00-4:30 to the receptionist.

  • Prescription pills, over the counter medications, capsules, sealed medicine powder packets, vitamins. Pills need to be in a bottle or ziploc bag. They can be dropped off 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

They do NOT accept:

  • Thermometers, inhalers, needles (Sharps), aerosol cans, hydrogen peroxide,auto injectors

The police station is located at 165 North Fourth St. Platteville. For questions, call 348 - 2313.

Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center

The mission of the Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center is to work together as a team to provide all students the educational foundation they need to become life-long, self-confident learners in an environment where learning is fun and students are empowered, think critically, become self-starters and take personal responsibility for their actions and their learning. We also strive to build character within our students by creating a sense of community where students exhibit compassion and respect for themselves and others.
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