Rome, a Time of Kings

By: Robbie B. 2nd period

"And how will bloodshed save the people of Rome?" "You are not meant to save them; you are meant to lead them." Silence fell in the senate room as it was 49 BC when Rome started a dreadful civil war. In the post Julius Caesar period some greedy politicians tried to seize Octavian's birthright.

In 49 BC Rome split into 4 factions. Octavian (Augustus Ceaser before he changed his name) had maintained control in Italy and most of France. Lepidus had power in southern Spain and North Africa. Marc Antony took the Greek areas of Rome. And Pompey had several islands in the Mederteranian.

Aside from trying to be the master of Rome, each leader had their own allies and enemies Marc Antony clearly had the power of diplomacy, for he had many allies such as Judea, Egypt, Pontus, Thrace, and Galatia, yet had Parthia as an enemy. Octavian had the allies of the Galics and Helveti, however had enemies in eastern Europe. Lepidus, had an ally in Iberia, they had few enemies other that the other Romes and their allies. Similar with Pompey only he had trouble maintaining alliances since they had failed to meet other nations.

Octavian was Julius Caesar's adopted son and was favored by him. He had a lot to live up to. He said he was more a politician then a general, and in a time of war a general would have been more useful. Sextus Pompey, son of Pompey the Great who had signed the first triumvirate. The first Triumvirate was a political alliance signed between Julius Caesar, Marcus Licinius Crassus, and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar were enemies, so Octavian and Pompey were natural enemies.

My thoughts on this topic are fairly negative. Lots of men died and a whole empire fell. Greed lead so many down a dark age, so be happy with what you have.

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