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December, 2022

SAGE Mission

As the heart of the gifted community, the mission of the SAGE Center is to ensure all students, as members of a global society, foster their uniqueness, develop their potential, and embrace their true belonging through learning experiences distinguished by:

  • Courageous exploration and discovery of passions in a flexible and innovative environment
  • Support systems for students, staff, and community
  • Ownership and self-regulation in a student-driven culture

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What We Have Been Learning

Spanish with Señora Meyer

Hola familias,

Kindergarteners and First Graders are continuing to add to their Spanish vocabulary through activities, games and conversations. This month we’ve added “I like” and “I don’t like” as we talk about cookies. I find that there are lots of strong opinions out there about cookies! In the coming weeks, students will bring home to share a mini-book about a family of cookies.

Second graders are making the jump from responding verbally in Spanish to writing in the language. Writing is a more complex language skill and needs scaffolding to help students work at this new level. To practice our writing, students are creating their own monster, then using a sentence frame to write several sentences about their creation. These projects will be completed before the winter break.

Extension Calendar for December

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The lunch time for Primary SAGE is 11:30-12:00. Online payments may be made at any time to a student's account. School lunches are free again this year. The adult lunch price is $4.05. In addition, students may purchase a la carte items. Menus are found on the district website or the link below. Please be aware that the SAGE Center's menu is different than your student's homeschool menu. Students may draw money from the account they have established at their homeschool to pay for their lunch.