Swiss Franc

Emma Miller

1 US dollar = 0.99 Swiss Franc

1 euro = 1.10 Swiss Franc

The Swiss Economy

  • the Swiss National Bank (SNB)
  • 7th highest GDP per capita in the world ($57,000)
  • top trading partners: Germany, United States, France, Italy, United Kingdom, China
  • top exports: gold, packaged medications, human or animal blood, base metal watches, and precious metal watches
  • agricultural products: grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs
  • average of $311 billion in exports annually (16th largest in world)
  • average of $248 billion in imports annually

The Swiss Franc

  • used by Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • issued by the Swiss National Bank (SNB)
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Fun Facts About Switzerland

  • population of about 8 million
  • one of the lowest crime rates of all industrialized nations
  • foreigners account for approximately 23% of population
  • 79% of the population ages 15 to 64 is employed
  • women did not have a federal vote until 1971
  • one of the highest rates of cannabis use in the world
  • the four national languages are French, German, Italian, and Rhaeto-Romantsch
  • the country made 172,376 tons of chocolate in 2012